Jewellery Designers of the World (JDW) the association of Jewellery designers is formed with the vision to promote and advance the art and business of Jewellery designing worldwide.

This can be achieved by fostering a community among Jewellery designers and providing them with appropriate opportunities to develop a network with fellow designers, manufacturers, suppliers and trade events. Sharing knowledge and skills with other members and collaborate on projects will help the whole community grow globally.

By pursuing this vision and mission, the JDW can help Jewellery designers worldwide to thrive and succeed in an increasingly competitive and complex markets.


By pursuing this vision and mission, the JDW can help Jewellery designers worldwide to thrive and succeed in an increasingly competitive and complex markets.

Benefits of Joining the JDW

Join the Jewellery Designer’s of the World today and be a part of a vibrant community that nurtures talent, fosters creativity, and propels the jewellery industry to new heights. Together, let’s shape the future of jewellery design as a unique profession and make a lasting mark on the world. Here are some potential advantages:

Professional Networking

Join now to connect with top talent and embrace a diverse and multicultural community of designers that fosters creativity and innovation. Meeting and collaborating with like-minded creatives will undoubtedly enrich your design journey.

Discounts and Benefits

JDW will negotiate discounts or special offers on Participation in various trade shows, membership of trade bodies, raw materials, supplies, tools , equipment, or services for their members. These cost-saving benefits can contribute to the financial well-being of a Jewelry designer's business.

Skill Development

Develop your talent and stay updated with the latest trends and techniques in the Jewellery design process through the generous support of our mentors through various skill development activities like workshops, seminars, and training programs. Become a member to gain access to world-class design education and explore educational resources that can contribute to your professional growth and development.

Advocacy and Support

Your association with JDW will represent your interests in addressing common challenges, support and resources for business-related matters, such as legal advice, intellectual property protection, and marketing strategies in the Jewellery industry.

Access to Resources

JDW will offer access to resources such as specialized equipment, libraries, design software, or databases that can assist designers in their creative process of design development and business operations.

Positive Impact on Global Economy

The JDW platform will create numerous job opportunities for aspiring designers. As the industry flourishes, JDW will contribute positively to the global economy, making a lasting impact on lives around the world.

Community & Collaboration

Joining JDW will give you the power of collaboration.You can open the doors to valuable partnerships with designers across borders, manufacturers, and other key suppliers in the Jewellery industry. Members can share experiences, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects, fostering creativity and innovation in the business.

Recognition and awards

JDW is an associational arm of the World Jewellery Design Competition known as "WADA awards". The yearly awards are visioned to recognize and reward the designers and professionals for their outstanding work and achievements. Participation and achievement in such events can enhance the reputation and credibility within the Jewellery industry.

Exhibitions and Trade shows

JDW will organize exhibitions, trade shows, and events where members can showcase their work. Participating in these events provides exposure, visibility, and the opportunity to attract potential clients or buyers

Marketing and Promotions

JDW will regularly promote the members through various channels, including websites, social media, newsletters, and publications. This exposure can help increase the visibility and credibility of a Jewelry designer's brand.

Trends & Fashion Updates in the Jewellery Industry

Members of JDW can stay updated with valuable insights of the Jewellery Industry , latest International market trends, updates on regulatory changes and other important information that can help them stay competitive in the Jewellery International or regional market.

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