Activate your account

Your registration requires a verification process.

Kindly check your email for an additional mail containing your account activation link.

Clicking on the activation link will enable you to log in with your registered password. Look for that email and click the activation link to enter directly into your account.

Update your Profile Information

Your profile page will require you to provide more details about your indicated category. These additional tabs will be visible on your profile dashboard approximately 72 hours after your account is verified and allocated to the designated activities.

Explore more Activities via Profile Tabs Information

Your profile dashboard comes with additional menu bar that brings you more function for your  indicated category. 


  • About: This section displays details about you and other indicated activities.
  • Inbox: Read messages sent to you by other members. (This section is only visible to you and seen as a “send message” button on your public profile.)
  • Showcase: Upload photo gallery  (This section is visible to the public).
  • Friends: This section shows a list of friends you encountered in JDW – Users can only add you as a friend on your public profiles.
  • Publications: This section lets you publish an article to the blog or view all posted articles.
  • Job Dashboard: This section is only visible to members having the employers category. It enables members to post jobs in search of employees on the job/career page.
  • Marketing Center: This section is only visible to members with the retailers’ category. It enables members to market their brands, designs, and products.
  • Learning Center: This section redirects members to the learning dashboard. 
  • Notification: This section displays general updates on activities happening on the platform. These include members’ status, members profile picture updates and more.

Introducing - JDW forum

This is an interactive section that enables all members to initiate a topic or engage in exciting discussion. Share ideas, insights or happenings in the jewellery industry.

The forum section is organise in different category

Required CRITERIA to Earn your Membership Certificate

The JDW membership card is issued 30 days after a complete membership registration. However, certain unattended actions may delay the issuing of a membership certificate to a member. Therefore it is important to always pay attention to the profile completion bar in your dashboard.