First 1000 designer registrations get a one-year free membership package prior to the official launch of JDW “Jewellery Designers of the World” which is to be held on the event of the grand finale of the World Jewellery Design Competition (WADA Award)  in the United Arab Emirates.

All jewellery designers who participated in the competition are encouraged to leverage the ongoing free registration. Thus, subsequent communication, like award certificates, conference updates, etc., will be communicated exclusively to them via this platform.

Join the Jewellery Designers Association and be part of a community that will help you grow your career in the jewellery industry.

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– All designers with formal Jewellery design training from any institution.

– All designers with Jewellery designing skills learned on their own. (without any formal certificate)

– All designers with their own brand name in a Jewellery store/work from home.

– All designers working as freelancers.

– All designers who are currently learning manual Jewellery design, CAD or Procreate.

– Independent designers who are working from home in Jewellery design as a part-time business or hobby.

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#WADA #myJDWorld #WorldAcademyofDesign #TarunJain #Jewellery #Design #Association


Join the Jewellery Designer’s of the World today and be a part of a vibrant community that nurtures talent, fosters creativity, and propels the Jewellery industry to new heights. Together, let’s shape the future of Jewellery design as a unique profession and make a lasting mark on the world. Visit to checkout all potential advantages.

Jewellery Designers of the World (JDW) the association of Jewellery designers is formed with the vision to promote and advance the art and business of Jewellery designing worldwide. This can be achieved by fostering a community among Jewellery designers and providing them with appropriate opportunities to develop a network with fellow designers, manufacturers, suppliers and trade events. Sharing knowledge and skills with other members and collaborate on projects will help the whole community grow globally.

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“Jewellery Designers of the World ” (JDW) is an international platform for all disciplines of Jewellery designers around the world to Unite, Connect, Communicate, Learn and Grow in their business

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