The Nephrite variety of JADE was regarded as the most precious stone in ancient China. As Chna had large deposits of Nephrite.
From the earliest days of jade’s history, it has been the most favored gem among the Chinese.

There are even collections of jade with Chinese carvings, dating back to 2000 BC in museums throughout the world.

The most highly prized variety of JADE is JADITE from Burma, which is is called Imperial JADE it is Emerald-Green hue and the most common color is a pale green.

Jade later became revered with special significance. Beautiful designs were used for carvings, decorations, ceremonies, furnishings, and jewelry for the Imperial families.
Jade was used extensively in daily and ceremonial objects of Chinese nobility and represented high rank and authority.

The most expensive piece of jade jewelry is a JADITE necklace with a ruby and diamond clasp by Cartier that once belonged to the American heiress Barbara Hutton. It was sold at a Sotheby’s Hong Kong auction in April 2014 for $27.44 million, well above its $12.8 million estimate.


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