It’s impossible not to love this charming royal blue stone with gold spots, which paints a star-studded night sky in our imagination. ⭐ 💙✨

Lazard stone is a common item of jewelry. Lazord’s popularity can be seen throughout history as this stone began to be mined in Badakhstan, the province of the northeastern part of Afghanistan during the first 7000 BC
The powdered form of Lazord was used as a toner and as a cosmetic.
During ancient times, many people used “rubbies” for lazors, which led many to believe it had something to do with rubies as in the Bible. Naturally, modern translations of the Bible remind lazard instead of ruby. Lazors were also seen in Europe during the Middle Ages in the form of rough cuts, powdered dye and jewelry.

It was also very popular among the Somalis who preferred to travel from one corner of Asia to mine this gem stone.
During the Middle Ages, art patrons ordered painters to use the blue color made of lazard. The less financially capable men were related to the blue made of copper and indigo. Today’s quote, you will find paintings in lazord related to the Renaissance age as shown in the third and fourth images.


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