The tsavorite is a fairly new gem, especially compared to other green jewels like the emerald and peridot. It was discovered in 1967 and was officially introduced to the jewelry industry in the year 1974. One of the reasons for its increasing popularity among gemstone connoisseurs and collectors alike is its rarity.

Like tanzanite, the tsavorite too can only be found in one place on earth – Africa. The primary sources include mines present in Kenya’s Taita and the Arusha region in Tanzania. As a matter of fact, this gem is named after the Tsavo National Park.

When it comes to appearance, most people are quick to compare it to lush-green emeralds. And while there’s certainly a close resemblance, the tsavorite, in reality, happens to be an expensive variety of grossular garnet. Its limited availability, along with eye-catching brilliance and spectacular color, makes it one of the most desirable, emerging gemstones of the present time.


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